"Dari Abu Abdullah An-Nu'man bin Basyir r.a berkata : saya telah mndngr Rasulullah SAW bersabda : 'Sesungguhnya yg halal itu terang dan yg haram itu terang, dan di antara keduanya pula trdpt perkara2 yg syubahat(tidak terang halal atau haramnya)yg tidak diketahui oleh org ramai. Org yg memelihara dirinya dri perkara2 yg syubahat itu adlah spt org yg mlindungi agama dan kehormatan dirinya. Org yg tergelincir ke dlm perkara syubahat itu akn tergelincir ke dlm perkara haram. Laksana seorng pengembala di pinggir sbuah tmpat larangan, yg akhirnya lalai dan masuk ia ke dlm tmpat lrngan. Adapun bagi setiap raja sebuah tmpat lrngan, dan tmpat larngan Allah itu adlah perkara2 yg diharamkan-Nya. Dan ketahuilah pd setiap jasad itu seketul daging. Andainya ia baik, baiklah seluruh jasad itu dan sekiranya ia rosak maka rosaklah seluruh jasad itu. Itulah HATI>' "

It was a fine day like always. A bit chill as it marked the beginning of autumn for this year. Doing my best to wake up though it just so nice to be under the soft 布団(futon). Realizing that my yellow round-shaped clock already have its two arms straight to 12, 'oh my, Zohor la!!' quickly jumped out from my futon and rushed for shower...

'Oh no..its already the 25th, I got 5 juzuk to cover...' mumbling around thinking the possibility of me finishing the 30 juzuk this Ramadhan..dont worry bout that too much ,like the japanese always say やればできる!!!!(Believe that u can).

Today also marked the end of my summer holiday. I'll have my first class tomorrow. Autumn class I guess I should call it, or sleepy class, whatever that suit the best. Ok then, back to the main topic.....What do we actually think or the main thing that always comes in mind whenever or wherever we're fasting???I would say FOODs or ' Ape yea nak makan utk berbuka hari nie??' or should I put it in the simple formula.
Puasa + Food = Bazaar Ramadhan
Something like that I think. I'm not really good in math though ( more to SAINS SOCIAL ). In Malaysia ,we can see bazaar in every single turn of our head. Its not smthng rare.Bazaar ramadhan..uhm..foods and drinks never fail to attract hungry stomachs. But we must always keep in mind, about the do's and the dont's. do BERSEDEKAH and dont over-buy and list go on..

Ok now lets take a peek on bazaar's hot stuff. I would say kuih-muih and lauk-pauk. Lots of menu to choose from, small stomach with big appetite (heheeh, not me of course).

So yummy, really miss it...

Dont worry , 100% pure without bacteria

But how much I write and tell u guyz about Bazaar, still I cant get my hand on the foods there as I'll be celebrating ramdhan and raya in Japan ( to be more specific during my morning class). Some of my fren in Meiji have decided to wear baju Melayu together in class. But its too 怪しい(doubtful).hehehheh.

Talking bout meals that I had everytime break fast, it would be my fav Tuna Mayo and sushi. So different right? and boring. It's like every single day , I dont even remember when was the last time I ate real foods. It was always be junk foods.

Because there is no much choice to eat from, we have to be really careful bout the thing we eat. Frankly speaking, japanese people really like BUTA (Pig) and every single meal have it. I just dont understand, its even in my fav tea.huhuhuh. Tell me...tell me..tell me why??? But for those who really want to dine outside sometimes , I can rcommend u guys to our fav hang out. Lets cheer for SAIZERIYA!!!! Well, saizeriya is not a japanese restaurant of course but the menus and foods, many are based on seafoods like shrimps,shrimps and shrimps. So whenever me and my fren hang out there, we usually eat the same thing. That would be the same pizza and the same pasta. I usually dine there 2~3 times a week. The funny thing is ,even the waitress recognise my face.hahahah. The story smthing like this:

It was the special day for me as I'm going to my fav restaurant Saizeriya like I always did. Climbing the stairs step by step while having a quick view of how many people are they in the restaurant now. Usually whenever a customer open the door, the waitress will eagerly say '何人様ですか?'(For how many person?) and '喫煙席?禁煙席?'(smoking?non-smoking?). But for my case it was different, the waitress usually just glances and then continues doing her works. Coz she already knows where I'll seat and what I'll order. So it is easier for her but a little bit embarrasing for me.huhuh.

So for the last part, I would like to list down the things that we should put extra cautions on when do our shopping etc;

  1. ラード(lard)
  2. 乳化剤(lemak tumbuhan or maybe binatng)
  3. 豚(babi)
  4. ショートニング(Shortening)
  5. ゼラチン(gelatin)
  6. ワイン(wain)
  7. 酒(arak)
  8. ベーコン(bacon)
  9. マーガリン(margerin)
  10. 味醂(mirin)

Till next post!!!!

Berbuka pose di Embassy!!llll

Actually it was nothing really. Maybe some of u think the embassy has hold smthing for Ramadhan la..the story actually somthing like this,

Once upon a time best2 fren from SMS Tuanku Syed Putra ...a gurl Wan Munirah if I'm not mistaken,,heheh(jgn marah)...back there,we both FRESHIe meaning newcomers slalu gak kena buli..not just tat,we were actually in the same debate team..she was the 2nd speaker..

So last week her parent(apparently embassy nyer staff) wat mcm berbuka coz at first I just asked MooN kuar to watch Lee Chong Wei (Japan Open) but then I have my class so I came up wit an idea...wat was it????

Coz Moon got 2 ticket free and I cnt go wit her (class) and only can join her for I decided to call Hijazi and mase I tgh kat class at the same time Hijazi and Abul joined Moon and her fren (wit my free ticket) supported Malaysia main bdminton..

So,I dah wat 3 bende baik serentak ---bawa penyokong support Malaysia and perkenalkan kwn baru to Moon and menambah jemaah utk smyg terawikh...

But at last I was the one who have to be the Imam for Maghrib...good experience though..

Then mase mkn..punye ler sdp....masakan Malaysia katakan ..Utara + Nogeri 9....wush!!!!SODAP>>>>

So Moon have to go back to UK on the next day...tpi x pe hope we'll see each other soon..

Bnyak yg kmi bincngkan sbb x sngka die msk usrah mmng kelakar tpi serius waktu ckp psl borng baitul muslim ( nOt baitul maqdis) dan mcm2 lagi...

sape nak tau apakah itu borang tu kene la tnye TUT!!!!!! hehehheheh

well then..till next time...


海洋実習 1 and 2, Internship????

Alhamdulillah, setelah berhempas-pulas membnting tulang 4 kerat nie..abis gak internship 2 minggu kat Yokohama..bukan tu jea lpas jea balik dri intern tu trus jea kena naik kapal for 3 days ,practical ler kononnye..
Yg lebih mencbr lgi mase tu waktu posa..penat x terkira dik oiii...tpi kite bnyak jepun nie nak kate fhm kita nie posa tu diorng phm sbnarnye..siap tau psl RAMADHAN and MEKAH lgi..tpi yg mnyebabkn diorng nie hampeh cket sbb x berapa nak hormat kitenye agama sngat..

Tiap kali waktu mkn jea..SENYAP jea ak bawa bekal sndiri bubuh nasi wat Bento( bekalan in Malay)...

Siap ade yg tnye lagi 'Excuse me zahir,ape faedahnye ko berposa nie??' in Japanese la..

Then mase tu yg cume terkuar kat mulut nie 'Waktu berposa nie, x kira kaya atau miskin ,pngkat darjat..kite smua sme..sme2 thn dhga lapar..sme2 diuji oleh Allah yg maha Esa'

Tetiba lak suasana jdi sunyi..baru tau diorng ,,ingat ak nie chikai2 jea ke..x bersedia mnjwb persoaln korng..

Then tat night ade sorng senpai nie lak x puas ati lgi nie..dia ckp

' Ak x puas ati bab mnm arak nie??Nape Muslim x leh mnm ark lak???Its my fav cenggitu...'

Ekeleh mamat nie (sora syasya) !!!pang kang baru dia tau..ak berdbat dri kul 10 smpai 3 pagi hnya utk gtau ak x leh mnm arak..lpas tu siap smbung lgi ' Ak x akn give up pjk ko smpai ko mnum!!!!' kate si mamat jepun nie...wah!!! dah lbih2 nie..wlupun die baik ngan ak slme nie tpi still x nak hormat agama islam( i kecil not I besar k) ak.....well apa2 pun I'll try my best next time in order to defend my case nie...hope Allah wit me..u guyz also k..


First time ever!!!

Hi guyz..its the the first time ever for me in blogging. Frankly speaking, I have no idea 'bout blogging and of course writing. But then my fren told me blog is similar to diary...the only difference people can read and comment on it.

I was like 50-50 'bout it. but then,realizing how much it can be beneficial to others and urself, I've decide to go for it!!! Like my fren alwuz say 'Lets go!!!lets go!!'..hahahhaa

So here I am..Finally with my new debut blog...I know how long my frenz and fans have been waiting for this moment..(hihihihih)

Just joking around..anyway cant wait for my next post !!!!!!!